Educational activities

The computer class of the Center is equipped with a multiprocessor computer system. This system can be used by undergraduate and postgraduate students of some departments to solve computationally hard problems.

Center researchers teach information technologies and mathematical modeling at the Faculty of Global Processes.

Special course of CFD for two groups of Indian students from IT2IT (India, Puna) were organized in 2006-07 by the Center and the Interfaculty Department of Mathematical Modeling and Computer Science.

For the first time in history of Russian-Indian collaboration in area of education, a joint master's program was created by MI2 IT (India, Puna) and Moscow State University (Russia, Mosow). The program is targeted at CFD. Leading scientist of MSU and Russian Academy of Science took part in program creation and giving lectures: academician RAS O.M. Belotserkovskiy, corr-member. RAS V.A. Gushin (ICAD RAS), corr-member. RAS U.P. Popov (Keldysh IAM RAS), prof., Dr. R.I. Bogdanov (Lomonosov MSU), prof., Dr. U.D. Shevelev (ICAD RAS), prof., Dr. M.G. Lebedev (Lomonosov MSU), prof., Dr. V.P. Stulov (Lomonosov MSU), prof., Dr. O.V. Troshkin (ICAD RAS), prof., Dr. V.M. Chechetkin (Keldysh IAM RAS) etc.