About Center

History of creation:

Scientific-Educational Center for Computer Modeling and Security Technologies was founded with the support of Federal program «Integration» of section «creation of multiprocessors computer systems (super computers) with collective access» and Russian Academy of Science.

Scientific Heads of the Center are:

Academician RAS O.M. Belotserkovskiy
Academician RAS V.A. Sadovnichiy

Director of Center: Dr. I.A. Soultanov

The Academic Council was founded at the Center. Leading scientist of mathematical modeling, numerical methods, parallel computing, computer research and information technologies were a part of Academic Council.

The main research areas of the Center are:

  • numerical modeling of problems of aero- and hydrodynamics on parallel computers;
  • computer methods of modeling and driving complex dynamic systems with consideration of man-caused and economical defeats;
  • mathematical modeling of natural and antropogenic disasters;
  • automation of modeling of complex mechanical systems;
  • mathematical modeling and development of safe technologies;
  • medical cybernetics.

The following high-performance hardware is available at the Center:

  • a multiprocessor computer system (cluster) with rpeak 28.8 GFlops. The cluster is connected to network and can accept tasks from LAN or Internet;
  • local network segment consisting of personal computers (12 work places) with WAN access to the supercomputer in IAP RSA (Centre of multiple-access);
  • a multiprocessor computer PARAM Open Frame (rating is about 6 GFlops) can be added to a local network;
  • a complex consisting of 2 micro-VAX and a graphical workstation VAX-station with peripherals devices.